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Design Philosophy

The task of a designer is to create a bridge between function and aesthetics. I strive to curate a story that incorporates the clients’ lifestyle and aesthetic and the architectural elements of the home. Building a relationship with the client and understanding their needs is the foundation that fosters great interior design. RAModern offers our clients aesthetic experiences that they can live with every day.

Roxana Alvarez-Marti

Artist and Owner

An interior designer, painter and art gallery owner, I studied Art and Structural Media and have a background in design as well as in film and music production. Since 1996 I’ve been involved with numerous art and design projects including Serving as Creative Director and Production Coordinator for pictures of you: Images from Iran. In 2010 I founded spacEcology Design, an architecture and design firm. In 2016 I opened RAModern, a fine art gallery in Crested Butte, Colorado. We represent artists who are pushing the boundaries of their medium.


As a painter and multimedia artist I have shown my work in various galleries and solo exhibitions. My work reflects my interest in deconstruction of form and in the more conceptual space I like to explore. The intangible qualities of objects and the human experience. “I like to work with the concept of memory. I find that color and textures have strong associations in the experience of the observer. My work always has a tactical presence that can be perceived even if it can not be touched.”