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Tess Backhus

Tess Backhus

Living in the mountains, for over 30 years, I am surrounded with abundant natural beauty. Daily encounters with nature help me to open my mind and heart to discover and share its unfolding through my jewelry.

Artful inspiration also comes through gallery exhibits and encounters with other artists’ sculptures, paintings and textiles, which create a cross-reference for my collaborations.

The stones – colors, textures – speak to me, just as the flowers, trees, and blue skies touch my soul. The energy the stones hold and project allows me to share the richness of the earth along with my loving intentions and blessings to those who choose to carry them.

Dancing Druzy Necklace

Agate and Moonstone

Dancing Agate Necklace

Botswana Agate SS Accent & clasp

Tribal Nepalese Necklace  

36 Sponge Coral African Blue Opal



Dancing Peacock Freshwater Pearl Necklace

22K clasp
14 carrot accents
$398 – SOLD